Travel Recon Becomes Alpha Recon


July 16, 2017

In an attempt to better reflect their broader solution for Enterprise Security Risk Management (EsRM), Travel Recon has changed their name to Alpha Recon. As an organization, their focus is no longer solely on travel risk management. Offering a custom-built software solution (SaaS) powered by former military intel specialists and a machine learning/artificial intelligence protocol, they are able to offer end-to–end, relevant risk intelligence and decision-making tools to help organizations protect their assets. Whatever is valuable can be monitored and protected: people, places, processes, and products.

Crediting their subject matter experts, what Alpha Recon offers is unlike any other solution on the enterprise risk management (erm) or security market. There is no other company that is currently delivering relevant, actionable asset risk and threat intelligence, decision tools, and a measurable return on investment.

“Alpha Recon is raising the bar in enterprise security risk management. Their ability to put actionable special ops-grade intelligence into the hands of risk and security officers, as well as field personnel, puts them in a class by themselves.”

You can contact Alpha Recon today at or schedule a demo to see how your organization or school can benefit from the most advanced security risk management solution on the market.

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