Protective Intelligence and RiskTech for the Security Teams and Professionals
That Want To Make A Difference

Make your security or risk management service efficient, intelligence driven, and differentiated.


Know what matters: Threat assessments, intelligence reports, threat/risk understanding, analytics that your team and clients need to know about before, during, and after operations.

Security management in one system: Stop wrangling with multiple archaic and siloed interfaces. Technology should make it easier and efficient to run your security program. Handle all operational, reporting and insights you need all in one place!

Your team is part of the solution!  Our data science driven system includes reports and observations from your team or clients on the ground combined with other open, deep, dark, and sensor data for a truly interactive and holistic approach.


Impress clients and get more business

Without actual threat data driven insights, protective intelligence, and credible threat vulnerability assessments, its hard to compete and advocate for bigger contract sizes. Most clients now understand the value of timely and relevant risk assessment and reporting. With Alpha Recon you can easily offer clients what they need.

Reduce complexity and be effective

The cost of multiple threat intelligence suites, security management infrastructure, communication, and various team/guard app solutions are often hard to manage with little ROI. Improve margins, operate efficiently, and drive better outcomes with a complete web and mobile, data science driven SecuRecon system.

Tailor security approaches based on actual risk understanding

Makes sense, right? Most other industries use data to make decisions. Why would security and risk management decisions not be based on threat and risk intelligence? This ensures that resources and spend are going where they are needed.

How we do it

Multi- Source, multi-threat Collection- Open, deep dark web, sensor, existing data sets, and data collected from apps. Most solutions focus on a certain number of threat categories and sources. Alpha Recon believes that when you limit sourcing and scope of monitoring, you are missing big parts of the risk picture. We will work with you to ensure we are meeting the mark.

State of the Art machine learning and human driven analysis- Most solutions don’t utilize the latest in data science models and technology approaches. Alpha Recon is always tuning models, adding sources, and visualizations to make your security risk management program the best! Our approach also reduces cost and allows any size security company to afford the cloud based system.

Combined security management tools- We listened and learned what capabilities and security management tools were needed. We are still listening and evolving. We sought to create a system that includes everything you need, and nothing that you don’t.

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