Recon Reports

We bring you the insights needed to understand risk and manage security programs, assets, and clients.

Human Risk Scan

The team, partners, and those organizations that do business together with are often the largest potential threats to organizations. Simple background or criminal checks often don’t uncover all potential issues. We conduct a quick yet exhaustive open-source analysis of possible threats and risk factors involved with an applicant, a potential partner, team member or hostile person. These scans should become part of regular risk management practices before and after hiring, entering business relationships, or when protecting the team or others from potentially dangerous persons of interest.

Human or Entity Risk Deep Recon

When a Deeper dive into a person, entity, or threat group is needed, we have you covered. With Deep Recons, we explore any flags and issues more thoroughly and can contact associates to collect more insight into potential background or threat issues. The reports can involve phone calls, reference checks, and follow up with known associates or information sources. This report typically contains more information about a subject, company or group to help clients fully understand the nature of the risks involved.

Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)

A summary of SIGACTS (significant threat activities/events/indicators) over a given time period for a given geolocation/or threat topic. Usually, INTSUMS cover 30 days and provide a recent review of threat activity. These reports are useful to obtain or provide a useful snapshot of recent risks or threat topics in a given area or place.

Situation Report (SITREP)

A brief report on a given threat topic, event, or organization that provides an update on a emerging or ongoing threat/risk environment. Multiple SITREPs may be necessary to adequately cover a topic. These reports are useful for specific conferences, protective operations, client updates, critical event updates, and more.

Threat Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) Scan

A brief open-source analysis on focused security and threat factors associated with a location or at a specific place. These reports are useful for planning events, getting baseline risk understanding, advocating for security resources, optimizing security placement, and understanding possible weak points. These can be performed on any location domestically or abroad. These follow a five factor assessment and are delivered as easy to read/brief reports.

TVA Deep Recon

A TVA Deep Recon is a much lengthier report than the TVA scan and covers several security and risk factors in depth. This report offers a complete understanding of all threats and risks in and around the property and can be helpful when negotiating contracts, planning important events, or choosing properties for operations.

Dark Scan (one time) or Dark Recon (ongoing monitoring)-

A brief or ongoing open-source scan of dark web activity including the presence of emails, personal info, stolen information, staged attacks, chatter, and multiple other threat topics. These reports are very important for understanding early indicators of threats and possible attacks, from cyber threats to kidnapping or organized crime.

Vulnerability Profile

A comprehensive report on an organization’s attack surface across multiple edges and vectors. This results in a report covering prioritized threats and potential weaknesses. Think of this report as a Recon into your organization’s weakest points and areas of concern based on threat, business environment, and organizational analysis. This can be performed with your organization in mind or your clients.

Other reports are on demand (Just ask):

Transportation Assessments, Violent Extremist Organization (VEO) profiles, Destination Threat Overviews, Contingency Plans, Evasion Corridors, Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), and many more.

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