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Threat Indicators We Must Pay Attention to Now

BLUF: There are many indicators of increasing crime, unrest, and security issues in the United States (and abroad) that must be monitored and managed for …

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Where Will The Energy Go Next?

After the Chauvin guilty verdict, where will the energy go next?

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The Prospects for Violence if the Chauvin Trial Results in a Hung Jury

What are the prospects for violence if there is a hung (or partially hung) jury in the Derek Chauvin trial?

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Upcoming “Night Protest” and Potential for Violence at Derek Chauvin Trial

What does this Friday’s “Night Protest” in Minneapolis portend for violence surrounding the Derek Chauvin trial?

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Making a Bad Situation Worse: When Risk Management Becomes Toxic

Toby Houchins discusses how to avoid turning a difficult risk management situation into a disaster

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Dark Web Drug Markets

Short introduction to the dark web and prominent drug markets and secure forums.

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