Risk Management Strategies in School Development and the Effect of Policies on Tolerance Education


Öznacar, Behcet. (2018). 10.5772/intechopen.70787.

Safety schools gain their quality of management by seting up strategies for risk management. The nature of safety schools relies on culture, management, and psychological
guidance. In this respect, schools have intensiied the need to concentrate on strategic
planning for making school managements in quality context. The key term in quality
for the school management is to focus on risk management. Risk management covers
the potential pitfalls before facing threats. Therefore, strategy and policy establishment
are important for managing the risks. In the irst step, monitoring risks and examining
opportunities and weaknesses are the major atempts to reach out quality. This research
encapsulates examination of risk management in schools and current strategies and policies for the risks in the school cultures within qualitative nature. Experiences of headmasters and vice headmasters were gathered through interview. Thematic analysis was
conducted to examine themes: culture of schools, strategy and policy of schools, and
risk management. Research results revealed that headmasters and vice headmasters are
aware of risk management. Schools are not enough to practice policies and strategies for
establishing a school culture. It is seen that school culture and quality can be empowered
through seting risk management and seting further policies and strategies.

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