Intelligent security risk management AI for those with a duty to protect.


Protective Intelligence and RiskTech for the Security Teams and Professionals That Want To Make A Difference. Make your security or risk management service efficient, intelligence driven, and differentiated.


Proactive and Cost-Effective Risk Technology for all Small/Medium Businesses, Properties, and Campuses If you can’t see the threats, how can you protect what matters most? If you don’t know the risks, how can you make optimal security decisions?



The Future of Enterprise Security Risk Management Technology is Almost Here.We have been silently developing game changing data science driven risk technology for years now.

Recon Reports

We bring you the insights needed to understand risk and manage security programs, assets, and clients.

Who We Are

Alpha Recon has brought together a talented team of professionals with decades of experience in their respective fields. Our management team has a proven track record of creating, building, and growing businesses to serve clients (and the market) with innovative enterprise solutions. With a team of dedicated developers, intel analysts, sales and support, Alpha Recon is already offering clients across the world unmatched EsRM service.

Why you need Alpha Recon

Best of breed Intel and Reporting

Clients and security teams need to know all threats coming and what it means to ALL of their assets and interests before and after events or operations. Stop being reactive.

Security Ops Efficiency

It’s hard to be successful or efficient using multiple apps, sources, and interfaces to do the complete security job that one can do.

Optimization of Security Programs

Stop using ad hoc methods and get serious about allocating the right resources with data driven insights. This is no longer optional.

Revenue opportunities

Security is in high demand and that brings competition. Be a leader in the industry and embrace security risk management technology.

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