Outdated, Ineffective School Security

The risk management and security elements of school operations have not kept up with the growing threats to students, faculty, and employees. The public policy community recognizes the societal demand for action to ensure students have a safe learning environment, but there are sharp political disagreements on the next action steps. Most proposed public policy solutions (such as stricter gun control laws, increased police presence, arming teachers and faculty, metal detectors, etc.) rely on massive political change, require millions or even billions of dollars in funding for implementation, and are ineffective to predict and detect threats before they happen.

Despite increased costs and limited ROI, many educational facilities are turning to expensive physical security upgrades for their facilities. In addition to costly tools like surveillance systems and security guards, schools are implementing non-traditional security features like hardened door stops, bullet proof glass, barricades, and visitor screening kiosks. While many of these methods give the illusion of safety, they are reactive, fallible, and blind to future threats. Traditional solutions fail to take advantage of the vast amounts and sources of data available to predict and alert administrators to significant danger.

A New Era of School Security

Gone are the days when teachers and principals merely concerned themselves with educational outcomes and behavioral issues. School and college administrators have become de facto risk management professionals who are charged with protecting important assets with primitive tools and little assurance of their effectiveness. School administrators have increasix`ng responsibility to understand risk management concepts that are complex and ever-changing.

The outdated physical security measures market has been lucrative, yet stagnant.

“School and college administrators have become de facto risk management professionals who are charged with protecting important assets with primitive tools and little assurance of their effectiveness.”

Consider the following stats from technology.ihs.com

“The education sector of the market for security equipment and services reached $2.7 billion in revenue in 2017. As most schools have already implemented surveillance systems and access control systems, the market is expected to grow an average of just 1 percent annually, reaching $2.8 billion by 2021.

According to survey data from the National Center for Education Statistics, the proportion of schools deploying video surveillance systems has risen from 20 percent in 1999 to over 70 percent in 2013. Likewise, the proportion of schools actively controlling the entrances to their buildings has risen from 75 percent to over 90 percent.”

Modern Risk Management for Schools by Alpha Recon

Recent and recurring school shootings and other on-campus violence has made school security and safety the highest priority for administrators, teachers, parents, and students. The perception of increased risk coupled with the high-profile that educational professionals have assumed within the risk management community are both excellent indications that Alpha Recon’s efforts to market its unique and timely solution into this segment will be well received over the next several years.

The solution that Alpha Recon provides will enable school administrators to effectively manage any security threat event in real time, avoid pitfalls and blind spots before they happen, and gather insightful post-event data to ensure future improvement.

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