Leverage Your Most Reliable Sensor Network: Your Guard Force


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Transform your entire staff into a sophisticated sensor network of threat data collectors.

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Alpha Recon leverages your existing guard and patrol force as an intelligence collection network, allowing you to gain near real-time intel. You’re under staffed, with limited time, limited budget, and too much data—get ahead of the threat. Contact Alpha Recon today at info@alpharecon.com or visit https://alpharecon.com/solutions/securecon/ to arrange a demo of our platform. 

Security companies struggle with low margins, high competition, overwhelming expectations, and the challenges of a reactive protective posture. Alpha Recon helps to address these business challenges by providing a web and mobile software platform that lets you know the risks that impact your assets and personnel, to manage guard forces, maintain situational awareness of threats before and as they occur, and to collect information from guard forces in the field in real-time. 

An existing guard force can be seen as a “sensor” system in traditional intelligence parlance. Dozens of guards in the field are dozens of sets of eyes and ears that can report intelligence. Upon receiving near-real-time threat intelligence and analysis from their team and from our professional analysts through Alpha Recon’s platform, this same guard force can then re-calibrate, investigate, and provide additional targeted reporting—just like a Keyhole satellite, a SIGINT collector, or other cutting-edge intelligence sensor platform. 

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With Alpha Recon’s platform you not only protect your guard force, but you can transform your entire staff, security elements, even clients into a sophisticated sensor network of threat data collectors to improve real-time situational awareness. Additionally, our platform prevents the threat of information overload as we harness the benefits of data science, data analytics, and an experienced intelligence team through an innovative and comprehensive cloud-based platform. 

Get a centralized and integrated Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) solution that provides relevant, near-real-time, and actionable intel today! Contact Alpha Recon at info@alpharecon.com or visit https://alpharecon.com/solutions/securecon/ to arrange a demo of our platform. See how you can transform and differentiate your organization from other security companies and improve margins by creating a new revenue source from existing clients. Every threat, every asset, every day. 


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