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School Trips and Pent-Up Post-COVID Kidnapping Prospects

Jeff Vail discusses the rise of kidnapping incidences worldwide in the wake of COVID.

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Viruses, Violence, and Global Depression…Oh My.

Straight talk about what every security practitioner and organizational leader needs to think about as we approach the end of 2020

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Bullying in the Age of COVID: Using tools and team communication to identify and thwart problems before bullying disrupts the hybrid environment

A combination of good communication and effective technology can help administrators remain proactive.

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The Debate Over Using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Education

Schools and higher education have been forecasting the emergence and impact of artificial intelligence on education topics for several years (Horizon Report, 2017).

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A comparison of mining and school risk management – Precious metals vs. precious kids

Risk is everywhere and we must take steps to manage our exposure as things move forward, whether this means protecting our precious metals or precious kids.

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What You Should Consider When Establishing a Security and Risk Management Program for Your School

Whether you are an experienced school safety practitioner or cast into the role recently, there are many things to evaluate when putting together a school security risk management program.

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