Initial Thoughts on the Nashville Bombing from our CEO


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Good afternoon/evening from the Alpha Recon team. We want to share a few insights regarding the Christmas day bombing in Nashville TN today.

First of all, it does appear to be a targeted attack and there are likely not going to be follow on attacks today (not counting out attacks on coming days). Based on photos and other info, the target was either a “vacant” building at 176 2nd Ave or the AT&T building. The vacant building had many “no trespassing signs” and seems to have taken the most damage. There have been several tenants there in recent past including a lawyer, G2 bistro (military speak for “intelligence”), a trillium management (very little background) and a boutique among others. We are investigating the owner of the building.

The bomb did not seem to target the citizenry as evidenced by the reports of verbal warning about the bomb in the vicinity. There was a large recreational vehicle parked across the street from 176 2nd Ave near the AT & T building. This appears to be the source of the blast although some pictures suggest that there may have been explosions from the 176 Ave building. We cannot rule out a coordinated attack or the possibility that the RV was a distraction from another target. There have been power outages and disruptions of the airport. The mayor has called for a 2 day lockdown for security reasons.

Regarding motivations and groups involved it appears there will be some DNA evidence of a target or bomber. If the target was indeed telecommunications infrastructure, it did have some impact and perpetrator (s) could be foreign or domestic. It seems that the attacker may have known where vulnerabilities lied within the AT & T building, although again, most damage appeared to appear across the street (opposite) of the AT & T building. Best assessment place the likely attacker profile as a foreign actor or domestic terrorist sending a message to the US government. It could have also been a “hit” on an individual or group although this is less likely given the large explosion.

There will likely be more clarity in the coming days, but blaming any political group would be foolish at this point. If it was a foreign terrorist attack, someone will likely claim responsibility soon. If domestic attack, we might have repeated attacks over time targeting similar nodes, and if a foreign or domestic intelligence service, we will likely receive very little information about the target or group involved. The fact that the mayor is locking down city leads us to believe that this attack may not be a lone wolf and further precaution is needed.

Please try to enjoy the rest of your Christmas, Alpha Recon is monitoring all open sources for early indicators of further threats and clarity on this event. If would like to subscribe to our newsletter or get access to a license for our software, please email


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