An Easy to Use, Modern Solution to the School Security Epidemic

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Now more than ever, schools face a myriad of new and old threats that can directly impact the well-being of students and teachers. The ability for an administrator to anticipate and manage all of these threats plays a key role in whether they’ll be successful long term. It’s not only school shootings or physical violence that offer threats, but also cyber attacks, power failures, weather problems, labor issues, protests, and other such problems are rapidly reshaping the educational environment. A cutting edge school has to discover the risks, know how the risks are connected, and how those risks impact their operation.

Not Knowing, Not Ready, Not Capable

There are plenty of data indicators to alert schools ahead of time of potential risks. The problem is, schools are rarely ready and able to understand them. These challenges have been treated with siloed departmental solutions that only monitor one or two threats that rarely relate to one another.

Many schools use 20 or more different vendors for risk management to track, monitor, and protect their assets (students, personnel, and buildings, etc.) Most of the data and user interfaces are difficult to use, time consuming, and aren’t by default relevant to school safety priorities.  Also, most do not utilize machine learning (ML). Their security data is definitely not influencing school safety strategy.

Alpha Recon is a pioneer in the disruptive corporate approach known as enterprise security risk management (EsRM). EsRM is a movement toward solutions that are:

  • Cross departmental
  • Focused on strategy
  • Driven by multi-variate data and timely insights
  • Comprehensive across security and risk factors
  • Integrated into existing operational and security processes

Alpha Recon’s EsRM Solution

With all that data, schools get a 360 view of Risk and Security with Future, Present, and Post event solutions delivered. The product works across all departments and can be managed from a central location, on down to the individual level of risk. Preventive, active, and managed accountability are available 24/7 at a moment’s notice.

We provide tools that:

  • Have easy to use Web (desktop and mobile responsive) dashboards, and mobile apps to make multi-variate data useful for all stakeholders and employees.
  • Offer asset-relevant risk and threat intelligence details and alerts delivered & visualized before the media reports on it (if they even do).
  • See potential risks and threats ahead of time geographically, in practical Alpha Recon reports, and filtered to remove noise to focus on what matters most.
  • Dynamically track personnel, fixed locations, processes, supply chain, events, other assets and their risk ratings.
  • Communicate with students and staff in one place as your operational needs require.

Risk management-enabled ML/AI is finally reaching the education industry. RiskTech is relatively new, and we envision a day in the not-too-distant future when an administrator can ask our software questions relevant to their operations and get near real-time answers based on the machine learning and intelligence derived from Zetabytes of targeted and characterized multi-variate data. The days of calculating risk on spreadsheets or without taking external threats/risks into consideration are over.

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